Public Health Education

Spreading the knowledge...

The Public Health Education Committee is also a very active and integral part of UWISERT. Major activities of the committee include: our Annual World HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon Café, UWISERT's Annual Health Fair, partnership with UWI's Bi-annual Blood Collection Drive (organized by the UWI Health Center), outreach to the Jamaica Christian Boys Home, our 'Every Ting Drive'.



In April 2012, UWISERT launched its most significant public health education initiative to date: Annual 'EMS Week and CPR Day' with our 'Hands-Only CPR' campaign. Championed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and British Heart Foundation (BHF), Hands-Only CPR is recommended for use by the general public and has been proven just as effective as traditional CPR. UWISERT is one of the first organizations in Jamaica, and the wider CARICOM, to not only recognize the lifesaving value of 'Hands-Only CPR', given the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in our region, but also one of the first organizations to launch such a campaign.

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