Emergency Medical Services

What we do....

The Emergency Medical Services Committee has traditionally been the most visible and popular aspect of our services. With the assistance of various members of the medical community, UWISERT trains and certifies Emergency Medical Responders who, along with Sport Trauma Responders (also trained by UWISERT) cover the medical needs of the campus, especially at sporting events.


In addition to providing medical services at sporting events, UWISERT responders are available from 6pm to 6am on weekdays, and all weekend during the school year, in order to facilitate medical needs of students and staff. 


We have done a vast number of events from Intercol at the National Stadium, Intramural Football at the Usain Bolt Track, the Sagicor Guardian Life 5k, Track Meets at the Excelsior High School to events on the UWI Campus.


Over the ten years of UWISERT's existence, the organization has treated thousands of patients at various Sporting Events and the Mona Campus Halls of Residence.

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